Submitting Tickets for Technical Support

Our new ticketing system will help organize and prioritize issues with all IT throughout the school year. Below are instructions on how to submit a ticket in order to get the quickest response and solution. 

A ticket can be submitted from any computer or mobile device.

Our new technical support page

Sign Up

Click "Sign up" in the top right of the page to be able to check the status of a ticket and get updates. 

Enter your name and email. Be sure to check the box next to "I'm not a robot"

After clicking "Register" you will receive an email with a link to complete the registration and set up a password. Once this is done you are all set.

Submit a Ticket

1. To create a new ticket go to

2. Enter your email address as the Requester.

3. In the Subject line enter your issue and the priority of the issue. 

        Examples: HIGH-Virus Removal, LOW-Program Install, HIGH-Broken Hardware, etc.

4. Select your location and enter a detailed description and add your Name and Contact Number (optional) to the end of the description.

5. If you have a screenshot (Mac screenshot) or picture you took with your phone, you can attach it here. This will help us remotely understand your issue better.

6. After you click Submit our IT team will be notified and will reply to you through email or phone.