PLC Meeting Agenda Template

To use the new template for the PLC Meeting Agenda a link will have to be shared to you in order to use it. Contact Angela Lawrence, Gaylon Walter, Donna Schmidt, or Jim Moeder for this link.

The Template (For those who are organizing the PLC Meeting)

When the template is shared to you, you will have the ability to edit the template. The first thing you should probably do is save it to your drive folder. 

To do this log into your Google Drive. 

Then click on "Shared with me"

Locate the PLC document created for that Meeting and right click on it and select "Add to My Drive"

Once you've added it to your drive click "My Drive" on the left hand side and locate the file again. Here you will want to make a copy.

Making a copy will ensure you have an original file. When you have a new PLC meeting always make a copy and rename the file. To rename the file you have to open the PLC form and Change the name in the top left.

Once the file is renamed you can send it to the participants of the meeting to be filled out.

Fill out the "To" field with the participants emails and check the box that says "Include form in email."

When you're done click "Send"


Filling Out the PLC Form

When you receive a new form to fill out it will look like this:

Simply click on "FILL OUT FORM" and it will open a new page for you.

As you fill out the form most fields will be required to move to the next section. Just click next when you're ready to move on.