Procedures for Registrations and Hotel Reservations

Please complete one purchase requisition in Web Link to obtain approval to attend the event from your building administrator and Mrs. Lawrence. A sample requisition is below. Only include the dollar amount for the registration, not the hotel. You will not complete a purchase requisition for the hotel reservation.

Be sure to include everything detailed in the image below.

Requisition Description: Event/Conference description and dates.

Your Comment: Hotel (if any) with address, phone number, and check in and check out dates.

Detail Description: Registration, attendee, Event/Conference description.

If you submit a requisition for more than one person, please include ONE DETAIL LINE PER ATTENDEE. If a person works in more than one building, please include a detail line for EACH BUILDING for that attendee and specify the building for billing purposes. (See red oval with 2 arrows below).

Save (your requisition number is there now!) & submit. Isn’t this fun?

When you receive notification that your purchase requisition has received final approval:

  • Complete your registration with the vendor.

  • Make your hotel reservation using your personal credit card.

  • Email or call Angie McKenna or Stephanie Dunn with the confirmation number and verify the hotel is the same as on your requisition comment.

  • We will call the hotel to move the charges to the district credit card.

  • We will send you a copy of the district tax exempt form. Please provide this to the hotel at check in.

After your stay, please provide a copy of your hotel receipt to Angie McKenna at the central office.