Login to the website. User ID is first 4 letters of last, then first name (i.e. NORRCHUC). Password is last 4 of SSN.

Select Data Entry, Requisition Entry.

Approval Tree ID: If you work in more than one building or for Special Ed, select who should approve this requisition.

Requisition Number: The system will assign. Please DON’T ENTER.

Vendor ID: Type or click the magnifying glass and select who you’re purchasing from. Call Central Office to update or add vendors.

Requisition Amount: Will automatically calculate.

Requision Date: Tab through to use today’s date or enter a date.

Expected Date: Enter the date you’re anticipating receipt.

Requisition Description: Enter a short description of your order.

Ship to Address ID: If you work in more than one building, select which location to ship to.

Employee ID: If you order for people other than yourself, select who the order is for.

Your Comment: Enter any comments you feel would be helpful for this request.

Detail Description: Enter a detailed description of each item on a separate line.

Item Number: Enter the item number of each item, if applicable.

Quantity: Enter the quantity you’re requesting.

Unit Price: Enter the price of one item. The system will show quantity * unit price in the Amount column.

Unit Description: ea, box, pkg, etc.

Click the Save icon and then click a Submit…Requisition button. You will be able to pull up all your requisitions through the system, so you don’t have to print unless you want a paper copy for yourself.